Apps for Your Wellbeing

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Apps for Your Wellbeing

Most of us are toting along a smart phone, and if you’re anything like me, when you use it you feel somehow guilty that you are growing too attached to technology.  Back in the olden days you must have been better equipped to simply stand and stare at a tree while you waited for the streetcar.  But those phones are not only good for Angry Birds and Instagram.  There are plenty of apps that translate well into the life of the yogi if you are willing to shed some of that luddite guilt and allow for some techie assistance along the path to bliss.

1) The Buddha Box. – $2.99 – This is an app of chants that you can listen to on the go, or use to meditate at home.  This is consistent with the chant machines that are given out in many Tibetan temples.  What is especially great is you can choose your Tibetan chant and set a timer for the length of time you are going to meditate and the end of the session is met with a gong.

2) Simply Being – .99 – A relaxing selection of guided meditations that last from anywhere from 5-20 minutes.  You also have the opportunity to add in chilled out nature sounds.  A perfect way to set off to sleep after a draining day.

3) Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra and Tara Styles- $1.99 – A comprehensive yoga app that includes sequences and poses based on theme/anatomical focus, pranayama guides and philosophical context for the yoga practice.

4) Yoga Stretch – .99 – This app allows you to custom develop your own asana practice to encourage the building of strength, flexibility and endurance.  Choose your instructor and the sequence of asanas and even the length of time to hold each pose.  Basically you can get the exact yoga class you’re looking for while turning off the mind’s focus and worrying about what pose should come next.

5) iVeda – $4.99 – Use an app to find your dosha, learn about your constitution, how to recognize yourself out of balance, and food selection tips.  A good place to start for people interested in opening the door to Ayurvedic knowledge.

6) Ayurveda Remedies and Prevention – $2.99- This app is useful once you know your dosha and general constitution.  It is much like an eBook in that it is set up in a guide format.  Use this app as a quick resource to find dosha-specific home remedies for ailments and to help stave off disease.

7) The Buddha Machine- .99 – Read about it here!

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