Fear Means Longer Labor

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Fear Means Longer Labor

Recent research has suggested that women who fear giving birth have longer labors and have deliveries that are instrument assisted and emergency c-sections more often than those who have no fear.  Interestingly, women who practice prenatal yoga while pregnant have been reported to experience less pain, have shorter labors and be less at risk for preterm labor than those who do not.

One of the great benefits of yoga is to allow the practitioner to harness the breath and move beyond perceived barriers with confidence.  As you spend more time living in a deep awareness of your body, there is less to fear when sensations begin to heighten.  I would argue that women who practice prenatal yoga and sustain poses where they are working at their edge are getting used to moving past the body-mind panic signals and instead of becoming afraid and breaking out are able to settle in, breathe, and remain calm.

To practice yoga during pregnancy affords relief from the daily aches and pains, provides opportunity for relaxation and calm, but also allows for a practice of surrender.  To work against labor is to labor longer.  To accept the sensations, to recognize that they are the result of progression grants a present mind without fear.  There will be pain, but there needn’t be a fight.

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