Meditations on My Kripalu Weekend

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Meditations on My Kripalu Weekend

I can dig kirtan.  I mean, I was like hand-holding, eyes-closing, swaying and chanting kind of into it.  Totally.  Unexpected.

Everyone should do a road trip with a friend at least once a year.  Who needs a therapist?  Also, it’s good to take some time to miss your family.

Shiva Rea is a goddess.  Okay, I knew that before hand but… really.  She is something else.  She’s also smart, funny, loving, approachable, sexy and inspiring.

More important than a clever asana sequence, cool music selection or choice of theme, is perhaps a teacher’s ability to hold space.  When students feel supported, safe and free from judgment in your class, their hearts open.  And isn’t that the point?

Music can trick you out of your mind and into your heart no matter how thick your cerebral tendencies.  I was pretty deep in my head, almost watching the ecstatic dance experience from the outside even when initially participating until something happened.  If you do it long enough, if you are coaxed subtly enough, even the most “jaded hipster” (in the words of Shiva) can find themselves lost in rhythm and movement.

Sweating rivers feels so good.  Get to a place where it looks like you’ve showered in your clothes more often.

Don’t even think of making white bean puttanesca.  (shudder)

Wear distinctive footwear when you’re amassing yours with other yogis.  Avoid Havianas, Tevas, Toms, and Birks or you’re pretty much guaranteed a long hunt after class.  Or just be okay walking barefoot.  Which I did.  Outside.  By choice.  (Hippy!!!)

Keep things simple in class.  Simple, deep, repetitive, full of heart.  I have never done a more simple yet challenging class with such clear results before: meditation, 9 cycles of a chandra namaskar variation followed by 9 Urdva Danurasana (wheel), savasana.  Blissed out, I’m telling you.  Not even an 8 hour car ride could chip away at that openness.

Source out a really good radio station (XM 32, can you hear me? You were made for road tripping!)  Sing.  Laugh.  Dance.  Open your heart.  Laugh some more.  (Jen, I still can’t believe you knew all the words.  Who can seriously sing along to Bread?!)

We can all use a little time where we are encouraged to turn off our brains and listen to our hearts.  Shhhh.  Anahata. Hridaya. Prema.

Make eye contact.  Touch hands.  Share stories.  Find entrainment/synchronicity with others.  Fight the desire to pull away, look away, hide away.  Some of us are so disconnected that being encouraged to acknowledge the person beside you can seem like the end of the world when it’s really just the beginning of the thaw.

Don’t be so afraid of being uncool or uncomfortable.  Everyone struggles with shedding their hang-ups, and they are too busy with their own “getting-there” to concern themselves about you and yours.

Donna De Lory was singing truth.  It is beautiful here.

Do it again.

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