A Sort of Homecoming

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A Sort of Homecoming

Sudbury is a Northern Ontario town of quiet proportions and it was our home for years.  Roads bend and meander through rock, around lakes, beside large expanses of marsh and birch forests.  There is a tiny downtown with a few great gems (I’m talking to you Cedar Street Yoga, The Laughing Buddha, Old Rock, Cosmic Dave’s…) but what really won our hearts were the trails.  They were medicine for stressful work days, a guaranteed outing for happy dogs, a place to work through thoughts and meditations.  We were happy here, for the most part.  But the more we started to talk about Oscar’s future, the possibility of opening more diverse doors of exploration for him, the more likely the move became.  One particular discussion began to appease my need to cling.  If life is a collection of experiences, shouldn’t we always be looking to expand the source material?  Taste different waters, meet different people, work in different places?  We agreed that it was time, after nearly 9 years, to be thankful for our experience in our Northern town and set sail.

What I’ve come to miss is of course the best of what Sudbury has to offer.  Green and blue.  I miss the daily hikes with Lucy, tail wagging, along the paths that eventually lead to water.  I miss the hushed quiet, the brighter stars.  We have found many places of retreat here in the city, but they aren’t our daily bread.  We source them out when we feel the need for space and silence.  A greenbelt here, a ravine there.  Ashbridges Bay, High Park, Taylor Creek Park, Sunnybrook.  But there are no loons, no rocky escarpment to perch upon.

This weekend we are heading back.  First, to the cottage for some important family hang-time, and then an extra hour of driving up to the Big Nickel.  It’s been a long time, and despite the naysayers, there’s a lot to miss.  I’ve got my SUP board, my yoga mat and some decent hiking shoes.  I can’t wait to reminisce with the little dude about his early adventures there.  It’s in his blood, after all.  I guess it’s in mine too.  I don’t think you ever fully shed the feeling that there is a little bit of you still living in every place you’ve ever called home.  To visit is like spending time with that part of yourself again.  A fractional homecoming.


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