Mom and Baby Yoga

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Mom and Baby Yoga

After a brief hiatus, I will be once again offering mom and baby yoga classes.  I started teaching this class when my own son was just a wee one, and we had a great time sharing anecdotes with other new moms before class, discussing milestones and oohing over one another’s adorable offspring.  I came to realize that one of the best things to come from joining a class post-partum is the ability to share your experiences, to quell your fears, to get out of the house and overcome possible isolation.  Of course the yoga is great too!

If you are over 6 weeks post-partum and have been given the okay by your doctor or midwife you are good to begin.  The classes are best suited for babies that are not yet crawling (once they start crawling you’ll see why!) and are designed to move your body into places where you can feel strong and energized with a particular focus on regaining strength and stability in areas of the body most affected by pregnancy.  Of course we also bring the babies into the yoga practice!  They love silly faces while you do cat/cow, love to cuddle into the boat you form while holding navasana.  Near the end of class, we shift our focus to the bodies and minds of the little ones by incorporating baby yoga poses and infant massage.  Savasana is a long, intimate cuddle to encourage mindfulness and attachment.

These classes offer countless benefits to both the mother and the baby.  Mom builds community, has quiet time to bond with the baby, can focus on the breath and moves through sequences which encourage healing and strengthening.  Regain a sense of yourself in your body, fight depressive moods, shift fatigue into energy, bring mindfulness to the dynamic mother/child relationship.  Baby reaps benefits through uninterrupted mom time, builds awareness in his/her own body by creating new neuropathways of movement, develops auditory connections through songs and feels soothed with your gentle touch during infant massage.

For more information or to register for an upcoming session here in Toronto, contact me or Seven Seeds Studio in Leslieville.

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