First Days

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First Days

My almost 3 year old son begins school tomorrow.  He’s going to start in a Montessori program that we’re really excited about.  He has a new backpack, new shoes.  We’ve been reading him this little booklet that they sent us about his first week of school, and he’s asked for it to be read so many times the pages have become soft and creased.

I am inspired by his ability to look forward to something he can’t anticipate or even fully understand.  He believes that good things can happen in new places.  He smiles whenever we tell him that he will make new friends, as he’s not yet encumbered by the complexity of relationships.  He is a beautiful reminder of the joy that comes from being present, from keeping your eyes on the tracks laid out just ahead of you.  By the time we’re adults we’ve spent so many years turning our experiences into clouds which hang, omnipresent, above everything we do in the future.  They overshadow us, preventing new opportunities and experiences from being seen as they really are.  We mistakenly believe that the way in which we see the world is the way it really is; the fearful ones hide, the anxious ones worry, the hurt ones withhold.  But look up and the moon is just the moon.

I know of course that my son will eventually being to engineer his walls, construct his fears, see limits where there are none.  That’s of course how our environment shapes all of us.  But I hope that he also establishes an understanding that these confines are imposed and imagined, not actual.

So, to my little bear on his first day of school:  I hope you have fun, I hope you make friends, I hope the snacks are to your liking.  May your way of being in the world with fresh eyes and an open heart stay with you when the clouds roll in.

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