All Things Are Flowing

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All Things Are Flowing

Last night I was fortunate enough to slip away and attend one of Sheila’s classes at Seven Seeds.  At one point she reminded the class to turn inward and consider the self that showed up on the mat that night.  You are never the same person, you are never inhabiting the exact same body.  I started to think about how difficult it can be to remain mindful of who we are rather than relying on a rather robotic memory of who we were (something I recently wrote about here).  Memory is a powerful thing.  If we abide by it we can find ourselves convinced that we are the same self.  We can fail to detect just how much transformation takes place on a weekly, daily or even hourly basis.  Is this illusion of consistency a defense mechanism, a way of forgetting the ephemeral nature of everything?  Ephemeral is a tough idea for most of us.

The philosopher Heraclitus (500BC) said “You cannot step into the same river twice, for fresh waters are ever flowing in upon you.”  He was the first to suggest that everything is permanently in a state of flux, and that the only constant is change.  Reality, in this light, is a succession of evanescent states strung together into something beautifully coherent like pearls on a string.  While the river is flowing, and this water runs making way for that water, it’s still possible that the essence of the river remains the same.  The pearl necklace is still a thing!  Think of the powerful metaphor of the Mississippi, a series of watery moments that seems to have its own soul, its own life story.  Similarly, we can see our own bodies as immediate experiences, ever-changing entities, fluctuations of energy, or cellular moments.  And what ties all of these elements together into something coherently  self  is memory.  Without memory there is no identity, but there is also no identification with a misrepresentation of who we are in any given moment.

When we stand on the mat, we must learn to greet no one but the very one who stands there.  Don’t remember.  Don’t retell your story.  All of these things can hold us back.  They cause frustration when we don’t recognize ourselves, they create fear when we spend time with our past pain.  Create an intelligent relationship with your idea of “body” and “self” and allow for the possibility of flux by bringing an immediate awareness to how you are feeling and thinking.  Today.  Right now.  And right now.  And right now…

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