Prenatal Classes Online

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If you find you don’t have time to get to more than one prenatal yoga class in your community, or (GASP!) you live in a community without a prenatal yoga offering, it may be time to go digging online for something.  I’ve got a few ideas for you below, whether you’re looking to supplement or get started!

1) – this online subscription based yoga website has a collection of prenatal yoga classes (as well as many other styles) that are very good.  The first 15 days are a trial period, and then the regular subscription cost is $18 per month (a drop-in class at most studios ranges from $17-20).  This is the site I subscribe to for some inspiration for my home practice.

2) here’s another online subscription based website with prenatal classes.  This one is $9.95 per month, and you can browse the classes and see if they interest you before signing on.

I recommend working with either of these sites as you can vary your practice rather than working through the same DVD repeatedly (though if the DVD route and repetition is more your thing, try the one by Shiva Rea) so that you move in different ways, encourage strength and flexibility in different areas of the body.

You can also check out youtube for prenatal instructors that have posted sequences, however it’s much harder for me to feel secure recommending this as you never know who is leading the class.  It’s possible that they lack the knowledge and experience to safely guide you and could be taking you and your body into some compromised movements.

Whether you choose to begin working with full online classes at home or not, you may want to consider at least carving out a bit of time at home to sit comfortably in a supported position (i.e. back against the wall, propped on pillows) to focus on your breath.  Obviously body preparation can be helpful in labor and delivery, but breath work in the weeks the precede it can help you to relax, feel calm and centered, and allows you to practice breath awareness which is also key in the delivery process.  If you don’t feel safe in unguided movement, breathe… breathe… breathe.  This you know how to do, it’s a matter of believing it’s worth your time to do so.


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