the pregnancy survival kit- (or, holiday gift ideas for the baby mama!)

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the pregnancy survival kit- (or, holiday gift ideas for the baby mama!)

When I was pregnant, I had a few necessities that I always kept close by- some for relief, some for comfort.  I thought I’d share a few of them with you in case you’re looking for that little extra something to help you get through!  And since it’s the holiday season, you may be looking to pick up a few things for a friend who’s expecting… or you may want to start dropping a few hints around the house for yourself!

1) Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Stick by the Body Shop- this product is fantastic. Not only does it smell amazing, but cocoa butter is shown to reduce the incidence of stretch marks (sometimes it’s just genetics though, ladies, but we do what we can!).  Rub it all over that baby belly.

2) Origins Leg Lifts to Rev Up Tired Legs- sometimes my legs just felt so swollen and heavy and rubbing them with this amazing stimulating cream woke them up and made them feel alive and boosted the circulation.  Menthol, cypress, cedarwood and peppermint are the key ingredients too, so it smells great.  (Just don’t use before bed or believe it or not your legs may feel too awake to settle down!  It’s also very cooling, great for pregnancy in the summer).  Origins is now available at HBC here in the city.

3) Gingins– chewy ginger- I first came across these in a health food store in New York, and it took ages to find them here, but I’ve recently seen them at my local grocery here in Toronto.  For those early months when something sweet helps quell the tummy, and natural ginger fights the nausea.  Plus, they are truly delicious.  (and spicy!)

4) Cashmere socks– This one is for later in pregnancy when all of your clothes don’t fit properly, you are sick to death of your maternity wear, and you just need a decent shot of indulgence.  Save a brand new pair for the birth day- you may be puffy and tired (and overjoyed), but the hug of these socks will make you feel like a million bucks.  Nothing beats new socks.

5) Serenity Essential Oil by Doterra- Essential oils can be a great way to work through symptoms of pregnancy- sleeplessness, restlessness, headache, nausea and fatigue.  This particular blend by Doterra is composed of lavender, camomile, sandalwood, marjoram, vanilla and ylang ylang.  I find this blend so relaxing and soothing, it would be great to add to a diffuser once baby is in the picture as well to comfort and encourage restful sleep. (If you’re in Toronto East End, I’ve seen this product carried at Yoga Fit on the Danforth).

6) Lavender Epsom Salts– whether you opt for this brand or the Life brand found at your local Shoppers, epsom salt baths are a great soothing option in pregnancy.  Many of us get mini joint aches and pains as our ligaments soften- sometimes even sprains- and adding these salts to your bath will provide some much needed relief.  It is also believed that the salts in the water help to draw out excessive fluid stored in the tissues of the body, also relieving edema.  There’s no doubt that the added weightlessness is a welcomed thing, and the added benefit of lavender makes for a sweet little spa moment in your own home.

7) Badger Balm Headache Soother- here is a natural remedy to help you work through stubborn headaches.  I think it was 3M that used to make these sticky strips with methol and camphor that you would adhere to your forehead or temples, and it was the most amazing product.  For my heavy headaches or migraines, there was nothing else that was as effective.  They discontinued them and for years I was lost at sea, but then badger came out with a salve that is safe to apply to temples and is very effective in providing headache relief.

8) The Belly Band– This is not a support like a belly belt, but I wore these in the last trimester not just to cover up under clothing that was becoming too short but because it felt really soothing to have the extra tension around the middle.  If you aren’t looking for something really heavy-duty (something that will be better to work through SI or low back pain) but could use a little extra lift, these are great.  I bought a size smaller and it was nice and snug.  Take it off at the end of the day I could really feel the difference!

9) David’s Organic Peppermint tea– I was shocked to find that most teas that I enjoyed prior to pregnancy had some possible contraindications during pregnancy (see list of tea ingredients to avoid here).  Gone were my camomile and liquorice teas.  In their place, however, I became a fan of peppermint tea.  Peppermint is a great herb to aid digestion and also helps to curb nausea.  A jar of this stuff, an infuser and new mug make a perfect gift!

10) Tiny Devotions Motherhood Malas– I love malas.  Aesthetically, I love the look of wearing beads, but they are also functional as well.  In times of stress or anxiety, take off the mala and sit quietly, pass the beads one by one through your fingers as you repeat a positive mantra (thought) in your head.  While I didn’t have this particular mala for my pregnancy, I did pick up the mama mala for a dear friend who was expecting (I believe this one is sandalwood too, she said it smelled amazing!).  It makes for a meaningful and beautiful gift.  The range of motherhood malas here allows for the gifter to personalize the intention.

11) Prenatal Yoga classes- Sometimes (or should I say “often”) it’s not about the stuff.  Giving yourself (or asking for others to give to you) the pleasure of an experience can be so rewarding, and prenatal yoga classes were my way of maintaining a feeling of connection to my dynamic body, working through the buzzing mind, and preparing myself for the journey of labor and delivery that laid ahead.  Find a studio near you that offers prenatal yoga and commit to the practice.  This is truly the gift that keeps on giving!

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