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Music for a fun flow

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Window by The Album Leaf Tied Knots by The Album Leaf Flim (slow) by Aphex Twin Inside and Out (Apostle of Hustle mix) by Feist Lost in the Light by Bahamas A Million Years by Alexander Ce Matin La by Air Myth by Beach House Fur Hildegard Von Bingen by Devendra Banhart It’s Cool by Kevin Drew Everybody but Me by Lykke Li Black Cherry by Goldfrapp Hole in the Ocean Floor by Andrew Bird About Today by The National St. Augustine by Band of Horses Featherstone by The Paper Kites Fade Into You by Mazzy Star Holocene by Bon Iver On The Nature of Daylight by Max...

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my yoga podcast!

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Okay, so it’s not really a playlist.  But it’s an audio file!  Listen HERE as I work through the tough questions about yoga, yogis, traditions/trends raised by two leading personalities in the fitness industry.    Episode 28 of Health Optimized: YOGA demystified!!!

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Ambient Soundtrack for a Slow Flow

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Sometimes I like to practice to music that eases into the background- sets a mood or a tone but stays well out of the spotlight.  Even in an energetic flow class, ambient music can provide the right environment for tuning into the breath, though most would feel that this playlist is best suited for some slower hatha or another kind of slow, deep, mindful practice. You can find all of these tracks on iTunes, and preview them there accordingly.  Some you will find on if you’d like to listen to the whole track before a purchase!   Untitled 2.0 by Auburn...

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music to birth by

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Today I had a student ask where I find my music; she said that some of the things that I play in class would be perfect for a birthing playlist.  I mentioned to her that I had put together an extensive playlist for my own son’s birth, and even though I felt disconnected from what was playing when I was deep in the experience, about 6 weeks postpartum I heard one of the chosen tracks played during savasana at a friend’s yoga class and felt overwhelmingly emotional.  What a perfect thing, to have such a mood created with the right music.  I’ve decided to make a list of my...

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One of the most beautiful and moving releases that I use for my own practice and in my teaching has to be Flying by the upright bassist Garth Stevenson. Check out his moving compositions here.

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New releases!

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There are amazing new records out by DJ Drez and Shaman’s Dream, both of whom accompanied the classes at Wanderlust Oahu!  Check them out here and here.  They are perfect for yoga practices or chilling out as we turn towards the sun!

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great albums for yoga

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All of the following are available for sampling and purchasing off of iTunes. 1) DJ Drez- Jahta Beat: The Lotus Memoirs 2) Nada Sadhana and Kevin Courtney- The Brooklyn Sessions V. 1 3) Jai Uttal- Music for Yoga and Other Joys 4) Two Bicycles- The Ocean 5) Donna De Lory- Sanctuary 6) Sudha and Maneesh de Moor- Sharanam 7) Benji Wertheimer and John de Kadt- One River 8) MC Yogi- Elephant Power 9) Cheb i Sabbah- Devotion 10) Masood Ali Khan- The Yoga Sessions

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Crank it up!

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An upbeat playlist for a fun, fluid flow.  Turn it up, hit the mat, move like you mean it! Intro- The XX I Feel it All- Feist As If You’ve Never Been Away- Ulrich Schnauss Don’t Let It Get To You- Rostam Batmangli Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa- Peter Gabriel (w/Hot Chip) Warm Heart of Africa – The Very Best (feat. Ezra Koenig) Baby- Devendra Banhart Home- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Electric Feel- MGMT We Are The Tide- Blind Pilot Go it Alone- Beck Spooky Couch- Albert Hammond Jr. La Femme D’Argent- Air Cool down/Savasana: Home- Drala 1/2 – Brian Eno from...

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Indie Rock to Accompany a Slow Flow

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There’s No Leaving Now- Tallest Man on Earth Holocene- Bon Hiver Such Great Heights- Iron and Wine Wonderwall- Ryan Adams Undertaker- Bry Webb When The Night Comes- Dan Auerbach This Woman’s Work- Greg Laswell Heartbeats- Jose Gonzalez Keep on Trying- Lanterns on the Lake Tonight- Lykke Li Cape Canaveral- Conor Oberst Daughters of the Soho Riots- The National Have You Forgotten- Red House Painters Midnight Souls Still Remain-...

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Music to Move Your Soul

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If you’re looking for music to accompany a very slow and deep practice that will encourage a mellowing of every cell in your body, look no further than just about any composition by the brilliantly talented British composer Max Richter.  If I am looking to set an introspective mood in class, starting with a Richter piece is a guarantee. May I suggest starting here?

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Indian music for your soul

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This is one of my favorite albums to play in class, start to finish (listen to it online!).  So beautiful.  The artist is Bombay Jayashri.  More about her here.

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Fun tunes for a warm flow

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Tabla Magic Sunset by Bollywood Buddha (India Del Mar compilation) Ketto by Bonobo Inside and Out by Feist Clouds by Ganga 2 Wicky by Hooverphonic Ganesha Windmix by Jai Uttal Mahatma’s Message by MC Yogi Nataraj by Jai Uttal Om Namah Shivaya by Steve Gold (Bigger Mix) Home by...

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The Buddha Machine

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A few years ago my husband purchased this little plastic box from Ebay called the Buddha Machine.  It had a few buttons and a volume wheel and all it did was play loops of meditative sounds indefinitely.  He bought it because it was a neat little instrumental addition to his love for electronic music, I loved it for my time on the mat.  In other words, it was awesome.  Of course it broke in no time, and I had been thinking lately about buying another one.  There is a new version out now with pitch control and new loops, but it’s still a little plastic box.  Then I discovered that...

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A beautiful CD

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Many of you have commented on the music when I play anything from the CD entitled Swara by Joe Cang and Demian Dorelli.  It’s one of my favorite collections of music for yoga.  You can but it and stream it here.

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Earth Flow playlist 1

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By request, here is what I played on June 6: Morning Meditation by Ali Akbar Khan Adoration by Craig Pruess Sita Ram by Jai Uttal Mahatma’s Message by MC Yogi Jai Hanuman by Shaman’s Dream Project Om Namah Shivaya by Steve Gold Prabhujee by Ravi Shankar Waiting for the Rain by Lagoon...

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